Reveal The Condition Of Your Motor - Check Its 'Health'


When a doctor needs to know if a patient is healthy or ill, he needs a drop of blood to diagnose the patient's condition, because the blood contains all information about the patient's health.

Picture: Richard Linzig AMZ
Picture: Richard Linzig AMZ

MOTORcheckUP will then draw all information from the oil. Just like the doctor gets the information from the patient's blood.


MOTORcheckUP is a breakthrough achievement for the testing of motorized vehicles and equipment. This exciting new product is already certified by Germany´s renowned technical authority -TÜV and has received a patent for it.


MOTORcheckUP is fast, safe, clean and dependable. It´s so easy to use, anyone can do it; you don´t any need tools, you just pull out the dipstick and apply a drop on test sheet.

That´s all!


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