We give little example of our references to make you sure that MOTORcheckUP is the right product for you too.

We - the team of MOTORcheckUP - still remember the first time we met each other. Some of us had doubts, maybe like you do. We tested the product extensively and found out: It is a remarkable and fantastic product.

So take part of our references from well known experts:

Email from Ralf Graf, Consulting Engineers Liermann and President of ZAK e. V., to Gert Horstmeyer, inventor of MOTORcheckUP:

Dear Mr. Horstmeyer,


Consulting Engineers Liermann did various test using MOTORcheckUP system. For example we checked the oil of defective engines; the results indicated in general rule the tendencies according to the actual damages. Also investigations of the oil in laboratories had the result that the pre-evaluation with MOTORcheckUP was correct.


In our point of view MOTORcheckUP is qualified for pre-evaluations to get a professional opinion of the engine without great laboratory expenses. Glycol and wear parameters are easily visible.


We will use the system in the future for all engines to get a first evaluation of used cars for example. MOTORcheckUP can also be helpful without outstanding costs for preventive measures and to check leasing vehicles or used cars.


With Kindest Regards


Experts and Engineering Offices

Liermann GmbH & Co KG
Vierhausstr. 4, 44807 Bochum

Ralf Graf


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